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Looking for a side hustle to lift up your income that doesn’t take much time? How about a side hustle that could even become your main hustle and allow you to work from home… or a beach… or wherever you want? Whether you want to help a few friends grow their social media while making some money in the process, or, you have a large following and want to leverage Flight Club for a full time passive stream of income we’ve got the Fuel for your Flight. Sign up to soar now!

Members & Marketing

While Flight Club definitely centers around getting you financially fueled for success. Eyefuel PR wants to see you earn more, and, learn more. The reason is, the Law of the Lid states “you can only grow externally as much as you grow internally”. This is why Flight Club is about Fueling Social Media, Instagram, & Personal Growth via Flight Manuals provided to teach you Affiliate Marketing and how this can skyrocket your life! Our Flight Manuals will cover everything from Social Media & Instagram Growth, to autoresponders and opt in pages, lead magnets, sales pitches, etc. In short, Eyefuel PR will provide you with everything you need to become a Top Flight Affiliate.

Compensation Plan

Upon boarding, Eyefuel PR’s Flight Club offers our Affiliate Cadets 10% of revenue on sales generated. After only $250,000 in commission earned you’ll lift off to 12% of revenue on sales. Then, after $750,000 in commissions you’ll fly to the next level with 15% of revenue on sales. Finally, after $1,600,000 in commission generated you’ve reached your cruising altitude of 18% of revenue on all future sales. Other bonuses and opportunities may be presented based on milestones we will outline in the future.  

Earning Passive Income

What’s the difference between Residual/Passive Income vs Linear/Active Income?
Active income depends on trading your time for money. Essentially, it is You x 100% of your efforts at a job = Income. This method forces you to start over every day at zero, rent your life, carry buckets, and revolves around a scarcity mentality.
Passive income, on the other hand, is NOT dependent on your presence! Essentially, it is You x 1% of the efforts of 100 People = Income. This method allows your efforts and income to compound more and more every day, own your life, build pipelines, and revolves around an abundance mentality.

Active vs Passive Income

When you Sign up as a Flight Club Affiliate, Eyefuel PR will provide you with a FREE analysis on the ultimate differences between Linear/Active Income vs Residual/Passive Income!

Risk Free, No Strings Attached, Cancel Anytime

Compensation Levels

  • Start-Up Level Affiliate – 10% of Revenue on any purchase – Earned from $0.00 to $250,000 in Total Sales 10% 10%
  • Entrepreneur Level Affiliate – 12% of Revenue on any purchase – Earned from $250,001 to $750,000 in Total Sales 12% 12%
  • Executive Level Affiliate – 15% of Revenue on any purchase – Earned from $750,001 to $1,600,000 in Total Sales 15% 15%
  • CEO Level Affiliate – 18% of Revenue on any purchase – Earned from $1,600,001 to Infinity in Total Sales 18% 18%
Risk Free, No Strings Attached, Cancel Anytime