It’s a known fact that public relations help organizations or businesses build and maintain a positive image in the public space. However, this communication area has become redundant thanks to the increased adoption of new communication channels like social media. Therefore, it’s time to improve your pr strategy to meet the modern landscape.

Whether you’re an early adopter of the digital landscape or just learning about this era, communication changes are apparent. There has been a shift in how the public receives content, whether marketing or not.

One of the common mistakes of PR Strategies you could ever make is sticking to one approach. They quickly get redundant these days.

Therefore, if you are looking to achieve a positive result for your pr campaign plans, it is time to make the shift, embrace the digital landscape, and develop a creative pr strategy.

To ease the creation process and improve your result, this article aims to share some tips on how to improve your pr strategy to meet the modern and digital audience. 

Effective PR Strategies to Boost Your Next Campaign

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1. Work with Influencers

In the current era of information sharing and communication, influencers significantly impact how content is perceived. This statement makes more sense when you consider that word of mouth from a third party is usually an effective marketing technique.

By collaborating with influencers within your target audience’s niche or preferred channel, you get to attract a more considerable pull of your audience. It would help if you quickly earned credibility from such influencers to influence people within your target market easily.

2. Tell Stories, Don’t Push Sales Pitches.

The current generation of audience value brands that sound human and not the traditional marketing approach. It would help if you endeavored to carve your brand value and marketing contents around a human perspective, uniquely telling your story.

This creative pr strategy helps to create a bridge between the target market and your brand. So, avoid those repetitive promotions or sales pitch and focus more on pushing actual content that your audience can relate to. You could try interactive social media campaigns or interactive series. Get creative.

3. Get Organized

Quality PR results are achieved through proper planning and consistency in plan execution. There is no better way to achieve such consistency without organization. Carefully plan your action points, who execute them, and when there are to be executed.

You can draw up a list of personnel, their roles within the plan, and when there are expected to act. This way, you’re on top of everything and can ensure efficiency.

4. Know Your Competition

This is one of the oldest tricks in the hat. One of the oldest and more reliable public relations strategies is to study your competition. 

By studying your competition, you get to know their strength and weaknesses. You know what works for them and how you can position your brand as a better option by leveraging their weaknesses. Now, that’s a competitive advantage.

5. Attract Media’s Attention

One of the most effective pr strategies you can use is to get the media talking about you. There are several ways to go about this; we’ll talk about two.

To achieve this, you can offer exclusives to media outlets by providing them a story they can’t resist. Your story should show a clear understanding of your target market while maintaining its creative distinctiveness. 

Another way to get the media talking is by getting people talking about you. Create viral content on the social media spaces, and local media would come looking.

6. Create Competitions; they are Fun.

Raffles, Competitions, Puzzles, you name it. Competitions are fun, and they attract attention. Creating a memorable competition would forever stick to the minds of those who participate, and they would indeed talk about your brand.

To execute this pr strategy, you can think of an issue, take advantage of an event (e.g., Christmas, Halloween, etc.), or a topic related to your brand. Make sure it generates enough buzz or media noise, and you’ll see people saying great things about your brand.

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7. Have a Clearly Defined Goal

Often, businesses run ads and pr campaigns for the sake of it. This is not strategic and would be hard to measure success. Your campaign goal should answer questions like:

  • What am I looking to achieve?
  • Do I want to improve brand awareness?
  • Do I want more customers?
  • Among others.

By having a clearly stated goal for your pr campaign, you can quickly know what to channel your resources towards, how to measure your campaign’s success and the way forward.

8. Identify the Right Channels for Engagement

Some businesses would aim their pr campaign at every blog, media channel, and website they can lay their hands on. This pr strategy is wrong!

You should carefully handpick your engagement channels based on your understanding of the target market and your audience. Your channels of engagement should directly reflect the choices of your audience and where they are often situated.

best pr strategy

9. Measure Success

Don’t just send out your campaigns and forget about them. You should set Key Performance Indicators around your goals.

Measuring your PR activities shouldn’t only be done at the end of the campaign; it should be a continuous process throughout the campaign duration. By measuring your pr campaigns’ success, you get to know which strategy works and which ones you need to tweak to improve outcomes.

10. Learn from Your PR Campaigns

One of the common mistakes of pr strategy is to start afresh on your next campaign. It would be best if you tried to analyze the data from your previous campaign, looking at what worked, your successes and failures.

By doing the above, you understand what works in your target market and how you can improve on your previous failures. 


A PR strategy allows you to explore the various communication options to help pass your message in the best possible way. If used correctly, it’ll help improve the results of your PR efforts while aiding business growth. The PR strategies discussed above offer a blend of traditional and digital approaches to help you achieve quality results while cutting across all types of audiences. These are some of the most creative PR strategies you can use to give your next campaign an added edge.

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