Instagram Verification is the hallmark of any public figure. We’re all used to seeing a blue checkmark on an account. It helps us find the authentic accounts of the celebrities and public figures we desire to follow. People come to us wondering, “How do I get Verified on Instagram?”. Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve written this article to help you understand the purpose and process. We’ll talk to you about Press / Brand Building, Google Panels, and Wikipedia Pages. Come learn what you need to know about Instagram Verification badges from Eyefuel PR.


Instagram and Facebook verify people to denote the authenticity of an account. This is designed to avoid confusion between real public figures and accounts pretending to be a public figure. To combat this, Instagram has a process by which to obtain a public verification of an account’s authenticity. We’ll outline this below.

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Becoming verified is a journey you undertake. It involves growing your celebrity and personal brand. You want to have your account reflected in numerous places. This should be on popular social platforms across the internet. Instagram provides a means by which you can submit your account for verification through their backend settings. However, Facebook and Instagram have just under 57,000 total employees. It’s reasonable to factor that they cannot handle the amount of submissions that are being sent. For this reason, there must be another way. And there is.


Media companies, Public Relations, and Marketing firms can obtain special relationships with Facebook by meeting certain criteria. They do this with an additional access point that Facebook provides its clients. It is through this portal that media companies submit celebrities and public figures for consideration by Facebook. This relationship with Facebook is the key factor in obtaining this special mark for clients. Media Companies work with contacts at Facebook to facilitate this. It’s a special process that the public does not have access to.


First, you’ll need an Instagram account. Without that, there isn’t anything to verify. Second, you’ll want to grow your account and start to gain notoriety. This should be done with the content you post. Personally, we recommend posting at least 3-5 times per week on your feed. For stories we recommend at least 5 per week. You should also post consistently on IGTV and/or Reels. Instagram wants content creators. Instagram will favor those who are actively engaging their audience with all the provided products. The more you put into your account, the more they would like you for verification. This is common sense, but is lost on some people.


Public Relations and/or Press Placement is crucial to your journey as a public figure. It tells your story. It highlights your accomplishments. Also, it brings a level of credibility that only comes from third-party validation. Furthermore, it drives you to your audience and connects your personal brand to what you’re doing. As a PR agency, Eyefuel PR specializes in working with our clients to build their brand. We will work directly with you to facilitate getting your story out to the world. Eyefuel PR specializes in this process. We’ll outline it for you below.


Get your initial press in order. Eyefuel PR has developed an affordable press plan that works wonders for this purpose. It’s designed to lay your press foundation and build your brand image. We focus on your public image with 10 stories uniquely written about you, for you. Once we write and you approve the drafts, we’ll distribute this press in digital magazines around the internet. This creates a foundation around your brand image that resonates with Google searches about you. For most people, this is where they must begin. For instance, Forbes and Entrepreneur aren’t going to write about you unless you already have some notoriety. If you feel this is where you’re at in your journey, you want a foundational press package. You can invest in our 10 articles foundational press package here. 10 Press Articles Written & Distributed by Eyefuel PR


Truthfully, you need more press. Think about this, public figures are active. They are constantly pushing their story and gaining more and more notoriety. If you’re a celebrity on the rise, you will scale into bigger features. As a result of this, it creates a pattern of validity for Verification. The better your press, the bigger your public image. The bigger your public image, the better your chances of Verification.

Once you have press and other foundational aspects, Google’s AI will begin aggregating your information into a knowledge panel.

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Get a Google Knowledge Panel with Eyefuel PR


The answer is more press, among other things. In essence, you must be in as many places as possible. This includes social networks, a personal website, articles, podcasts, etc. At least, that’s part of it. Knowing how and what to do is unique to who you are as a public figure. Some niches index quicker in Google than others. Regardless, Eyefuel PR can begin assisting you in the creation and indexing of your Google Knowledge Panel. If you feel you’re at this phase, we’ll work on getting Google’s AI to pick up your press. You can invest in a Knowledge Panel Service from Eyefuel PR here: Eyefuel PR Knowledge Panel Service

WHATS NEXT? Wikipedia

At this stage, we could submit and some people would get verified. However, this depends on the size of their IG account, engagement, and prior press, etc. With that said, Wikipedia also documents public figures. This oftentimes covers accomplishments that can aggregate into a knowledge panel to help paint their story natively. Eyefuel PR can help get your story told on Wikipedia and make sure it sticks. Make your brand presence known with Eyefuel PR’s Wikipedia Package here: Eyefuel PR Wikipedia Service

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Yes and No. There’s no exact science to it and we’ve seen surprising results on both sides from Facebook. The theory is, everything helps. If your brand is doing the bare minimum, it will likely be recognized and denied. We’ve found that as time goes on and platforms mature, standards for verification increase. Therefore, to obtain these goals on platforms like Instagram, the prevailing theory is “the sooner the better”. As the platform grows, the bar is set higher and higher.


In short, yes. In reality, this is not Instagram’s priority. To understand why we must cover exactly why Instagram even offers verification. The blue checkmark differentiates profiles of public figures and celebrities that may be copied or replicated by others. If a brand experiences this, they likely have the appropriate brand protections in place. This would enable them to enforce brand protection within the legal framework of the law. With that said, Facebook seems to put less emphasis on verifying brands, unless they have a significant public image. Regardless, we have had significant success in getting brands verified. It just requires more strategy, more press, and higher investment to facilitate these verifications.

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Eyefuel PR as an agency will conduct a complimentary review of your social media and celebrity online presence. Upon review, if we determine you meet the minimum qualifications we see people getting verified with, we will submit you. Although, this is entirely at our discretion. We treat our relationship with Facebook via media panels in the highest regard. Therefore, if we feel you are not qualified, we will not submit you.


If we deny you we will provide a strategy needed to invest in your personal celebrity and social presence. This will help you achieve the level of notoriety that would warrant such approval by Facebook. Although, this is extremely case-oriented and at the complete discretion of Facebook. For example, Facebook is known to unexpectedly change its policy or regular practices, sometimes daily. Nevertheless, we do our best to keep up with these changes by studying our successes and failures. This enables us to tailor custom plans that meet and exceed the standards of Facebook.

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If you’re ready to have your account reviewed by Eyefuel PR, you can fill out the form here:

Eyefuel PR Verification Submission Form


If you’re serious about your brand, we’ve developed a Superstar Press, Podcast, Google Knowledge Panel, Wikipedia, and Submission plan. This plan will build a really strong foundation focused on your journey and how it all connects together. This is the type of public image Instagram and Facebook are seeking. In conclusion, if you want to do things right, this is the way to do it. You can invest in our SuperStar Press, Knowledge Panel, Wikipedia & Verification plan here: Eyefuel PR Superstar Verification Plan

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