Human nature craves validation, and that is certainly why we all want to get verified on Instagram. On Instagram, it all about getting that most coveted blue checkmark on Insta. The Instagram blue verified check shows that people can trust you or your business brand. 

Irrespective of the numerous benefits of having the Instagram verified symbol, securing the blue badge is not easy. The truth is that Instagram blue verified check is not for everyone. You have to meet certain conditions before you can get verified on Instagram. In this post, we will guide you on the best way to get the Instagram verified symbol

verified instagram account

What Does it Mean to Get Verified on Instagram?

According to Instagram, a verified account means that Instagram has confirmed that the account is authentic. It shows that the account owner or brand is a public figure, celebrity, or global brand. Therefore, when you see the blue check, it is an indication that it is a verified account. 

This can be frustrating at first if they are new to the platform, because other people may be skeptical about following you. If you are confident that you have what it takes to have the blue checkmark on Insta, you can request for the Instagram blue verified check. 

How Do You Request Verification On Instagram?

When seeking to get verified on Instagram, you must first make your request to the Instagram team. Here is how to go about seeking an Instagram verified symbol:

  • Log in to your Insta account and navigate to “setting” from the menu located at that top right corner. 
  • Once on the “settings” click on “Account” and select “Request Verification.”
  • You then have to complete all the required fields and hit “send” to start the review process. 

Here’s a shocker…

Meeting the eligibility requirements is necessary, but not a sufficient condition to get verified on Instagram. How long does it take to get verified? The answer is there is no timeline for when you will be notified. However, if you are denied, you will have to wait for another 30 days before requesting verification. 

verified instagram account

Who is Eligible for The Instagram Blue Verified Check?

Anyone can get verified on Insta, but you need to know that Instagram is notoriously picky. In fact, just because you have a blue checkmark on Facebook or Twitter does not imply you’ll get verified on Instagram. Instagram has stated that only public figures, celebrities, and brands get verified on Insta. In other words, only accounts with a high likelihood of being impersonated will have verified badges. 

Here are the criteria you need to get the Instagram verified symbol

1. Authentic account 

You must be a real person, a registered business or brand. A meme page or a fan account cannot be verified on Instagram. 

2. Unique Accounts 

Only one account per person or business can be verified on Instagram, except language-specific accounts. 

3. Public accounts

Private Instagram accounts do not qualify to get the blue checkmark on Insta

4. Complete account

Before you can get verified on Instagram, you need to ensure that you have a complete bio, profile photo, and at least one post. 

5. Notable name

Although this criterion is subjective, Instagram defines a notable name as well-known and highly searched. 

While your account meets all the listed criteria, you also need to adhere to the platform’s Terms of Service

verified instagram account

Tips To Improve Your Chances To Get Verified On Instagram

To improve your chances of getting an Instagram verified symbol, you need to turn yourself into a public figure, celebrity, or global brand. There is, however, evidence that you need to become known somewhere before Instagram. It is advisable that you first build your influencer profile before using them on Instagram. 

Here are some tips to improve your chances of getting the Instagram blue verified check:

1. Build your followers and engagement on Instagram

In order to become Instagram famous, you need to become an authentic influencer. It means you need a good number of people to follow you. More importantly, you need people who will engage with your posts and updates. You must define your niche. Although it may seem that you would gain more followers by appealing to everybody, you will unlikely increase your engagement that way. It is important to build up recognition for your expertise in your preferred topic area. 

2. Don’t pay for a verification badge.

You often hear people say they have a friend working on Instagram, and they can help you buy verification. Ignore such people. The same goes for verified accounts seeking to sell their badge because they don’t need it anymore. Most, if not all, of such people, are scammers. You need only to follow it through the official means.

3. Look out for imposter accounts.

If you are always battling fake or fan accounts impersonating you, you are a prime candidate for verification on Instagram. The main purpose of Instagram verification is to distinguish real account. Make it clear through your annual social media audit that imposter accounts are a problem for you. You can also monitor and documents such imposter accounts using a social media monitoring tool. 

According to Instagram, verified accounts cannot have “add me” links to other social media platforms. However, you can include links to your website and landing pages, or other online properties. Meanwhile, if you have the blue checkmark on your Facebook profile, Instagram encourages you to link your Instagram account from your Facebook page to help prove your Instagram profile’s authenticity. You must ensure that you optimize your Instagram bio

5. Submit your Instagram verification request when your name is in the new

If you recently had a windfall of attention or planned a big announcement, leverage on it. Capitalize on it and apply to get verified on Instagram while your name is “hot” on the news. 

6. Hire an agency or publicist

If you have the financial capacity, you can hire a reputable digital agency with access to Facebook’s Media Partner Support tools. Does an agency guarantee your verification? The answer is no. An industry professional’s Instagram verification request form through the media support partners carries more weight.  


Before you can get verified on Instagram, you must have to play by the rules and guidelines. You cannot flaunt Instagram’s Terms of Use and Community Guidelines, and expect to have the blue checkmark on Insta. Follow the tips we have highlighted, and chances are you will get verified sooner than you think. 

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