From inception, the power of word-of-mouth publicity has proven to be the most effective. Thanks to the increased desire for trust-worthy products by target audiences, the demand for this approach has never been higher. This demand pushes the importance of an influencer marketing pr strategy for brands looking to convince its market.   

Gone are the days of shoving adverts to people’s faces, thinking they would be convinced if they keep seeing the same adverts. In this era, people want to deal with brands they can trust. What better way to achieve this than through the power of an influencer within the target market?

By effectively infusing influencer marketing and PR, your business can build trust and reach a larger audience while increasing customer engagement. Before we take a look at some of the reasons to have an influencer marketing pr strategy, let’s define Influencer Marketing.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing that leverages on the endorsement and mentions from influencers. When we say influencers, we’re not talking about celebrities alone. We mean individuals who have grown a dedicated following and built trust in the process. Thus, they are perceived as experts within their niche.

Since these influencers have built a certain level of trust among their audience, having them recommend your product is a form of social proof. Influencer marketing is so effective that Adweek predicted it’d become a $10 million industry in coming years.

Despite the importance of influencer marketing to businesses, most brands find it hard to match influencer marketing and pr within a single strategy. To help convince you, here are some of the reasons why influencers will improve your brand image through positive pr.

Importance of Influencer Marketing in Your PR Strategy

The effect of influencer marketing is limitless. From helping you build trust with your target audience to improving brand awareness, influencer marketing is also easy to track. 

Here are the Top Five Reasons to consider having an influencer marketing pr strategy

influencer marketing and pr

1. Influencer Marketing Helps You Build Trust

Modern audiences have continuously pushed against traditional advertising. This move has seen audiences rely on Instagrammers, Youtubers and the likes for recommendations and advice of purchase decisions. 

This change in direction is because these social media influencers have spent years on building trust and integrity. Your target audience trusts these influencers because such influencer has proven his/her expertise in an honest and relatable way.

By using influencer marketing pr strategy, digital influencers can help trigger the emotional side of their audiences; whether by influencing purchase decisions, build brand awareness or building brand loyalty. These abilities play a huge role in your PR Campaign success.  

influencer marketing and pr

2. You Have Access to Large, Diverse Audience

Social media influencers on platforms like YouTube, Twitter and Instagram command a huge following. Ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of followers, the amount of engagement is enormous. 

A single post or content published by these influencers cuts across a large audience demographic. This audience relies on the influencer for recommendations in their respective domain. Thus, emphasizing the commanding power of a digital influencer. 

When you partner with such influencers operating within your niche markets, your public relations efforts can provide improved results. You will easily reach a larger audience that also guarantees engagement. 

influencer marketing and public relations

3. Influencer Marketing Works Hand in Hand with PR

Unlike the traditional marketing that keeps pushing biased adverts to target audiences, Public Relations aims to persuade the target audience through fact-based contents that help to build trust and awareness. Influencer marketing helps to achieve this in a more engaging approach.

Influencer marketing infuses both sides of the marketing coin. By engaging social media influencers in your pr strategy, influencers improve your brand image through positive pr. This strategy is done through materials that push creative and engaging storytelling.

4. Influencer Marketing Can be Easily Measured

The tools used by influencers provide means to monitor engagement metrics. Since social media influencers use tools like YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, you have an easier approach to monitoring the success of your PR strategy.

Unlike the unmeasurable traditional marketing that mainly focuses on press releases, speeches and news articles, influencer marketing is measurable. This marketing approach provides real-time feedback on the success of your campaign strategy. From likes, shares and retweets to comments and audience sentiments, brands can measure activities and decide on the best optimization approach.  

5. It’s a Cost-Effective Marketing Tool

Although there are Pros and cons of influencer marketing in pr, influencer marketing serves as an effective conveyer of your pr campaign when done right. 

When using the traditional method of PR, it is easy for your budget to blow out of proportion. However, with influencer marketing, you have a cost-effective option to connect to your target audience. This is because you can easily identify the influencer(s) that best suits your campaign objective and work directly with such influencer. 

According to Tomoson, influencer marketing boasts a high Return on Investment. Yielding an average of $6.50 return in revenue per $1 spent, 13 per cent of brands earned a massive return of $20 per $1 spent. Also, nearly 70 per cent brands made $2 or more for every $1 spent on influencer marketing.


The reasons above show you some of the benefits of combining an influencer marketing strategy with your PR campaign plans. 

From improved brand awareness and a larger audience reach to the building of trust, influencer marketing reaches the emotional side of their audience. When you combine Influencer marketing and public relations, you can save cost while achieving the above and more.

Influencer marketing, coming with its pros and cons, offers one of the most effective approaches to PR campaigns. If done right, you should be hitting some massive engagement numbers, which results in positive returns on your campaign budget. 

So, we can confidently say that now is the time to go digital. By creating an Influencer marketing pr strategy, you can be confident of reaching maximum success for your PR goal.

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