Instagram verification service is available only to users who are eligible to get verified on Instagram. To be eligible and have your account verified on Instagram, several factors need to be evaluated. The evaluation’s essence is to determine if the Instagram account is in the interest of the general public and if they meet all verification criteria. 

The truth is that anyone can be verified on Instagram, but do you know how to get verified on Instagram? Before you can get the Instagram verification badge, there are certain thing you need to do. 

Getting verified on Instagram is not a stroll in the park. It would be best if you had a good Instagram verification service provider. Any user of Insta can apply to get verified on Instagram, but that doesn’t make it easy to get.

In this post, you will learn about the easiest way to get verified on Instagram. You can also visit the Instagram help center to know more about getting the Instagram verified badge. The Instagram verification symbol gives your post a seal of authenticity and legitimacy. Aside from authenticity, the Instagram verification badge offers street creed to your base of followers.

Instagram has made it possible for any user to apply for verification directly from the app. However, there are certain hurdles you must jump before Instagram approves your Instagram verification request. 

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How To Get Verified On Instagram: Step-by-Step

Learning how to get verified on Instagram entails you know how to submit your Instagram verification request. It is straightforward to send out an Instagram verification request, but the challenge is to ensure you get verified in the end. This is why you need a professional Instagram verification service provider to help you get verified on Instagram.

How to send your Instagram verification request:

  • Log in to the account you want to get verified, and go to the Instagram profile by clicking the icon with the profile picture. 
  • Once you are logged in to your account, click on the menu icon at the top right corner of your profile.
  • After that, you proceed to select the settings icon at the bottom right of your screen. Once you have done that, select “account” from the settings menu. 
  • As you scroll down through your account settings, you will see “Request Verification,” click it. 
  • Once you click on the request verification tab, a form will emerge with your account name pre-filled. You will be needed to put your account name, but if it’s a business account, the account manager’s full name will serve. 
  • After you have completed filling the form, the next step to your Instagram verification is to tap “choose file” to enable you to attach a photo of your ID. You can use your driver’s license, International passport, or your national identification card. If it is a business account, you can use any official business document like a tax filling article of incorporation. 
  • You can open your camera and take an in-focus photo of your ID. Alternatively, you can upload an image of the same ID from your device. 
  • Now you can click the “Blue Send Button” at the bottom of the screen to submit your Instagram verification request. 

At this stage, you will have to wait on the Instagram verification team to decide your fate. The right Instagram verification service provider will help you go through this stage without any hurdle. 

Top 4 Criteria for Getting the Instagram Verification Badge

Before you can get the Instagram verification symbol, there are specific criteria you need to pass. It would help if you went through these criteria to know the possibility of you getting verified on Instagram. Instagram has highlighted some key factors it considers when designating the Instagram blue check. These factors include the following:

1. The authenticity of your account

To scale through this stage, you need to ensure that your account is not impersonating anyone or a business brand.

2. How unique is your account?

Although this criterion looks like the first one, it is quite different. It considers the number of accounts that you have on Instagram. For instance, you only need one central account that represents you on Instagram. If you operate multiple Instagram accounts, you will be unlikely to get the verified badge on Instagram. 

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3. Is your Instagram account complete?

What does it mean to have a complete Instagram account? Well, an Instagram Account is considered complete when it has a bio, profile picture, and a minimum of one post. However, this is quite easy and simple. Lastly, Instagram also specifies that your account must not have links to other social media platforms like Twitter. 

This might be an open-ended criterion, but it is arguably the most important when seeking to have the Instagram blue check. According to Instagram, a notable account is a well-known account. Although media coverage can be used to determine this status, it excludes paid promotional content. 

3 Best Benefits of Getting Verified on Instagram

There are many benefits for getting the right Instagram verification service provider to help you get verified on Instagram. Here are some of the benefits of having the Instagram verification badge:

1. It protects your account from impersonators 

When you have the Instagram verification badge, it tells those searching for you that you are the real deal. The Instagram blue check tells your current and potential Instagram followers that you are a publicly known figure. 

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2. It sends a message that you are noteworthy.

Having an Instagram verification service is proof that you or your business brand is notable, and people would love to copy you. The verified badge on Instagram shows your current and future followers that you are a public figure.

3. Your account will rank high on Instagram.

The Instagram verification symbol is great for Instagram SEO. It helps your account rank at the top when people search for terms that relate to your account name. 


Instagram verification service plays a vital role in helping you get verified on Instagram. The enormous benefits of having a verified badge on Instagram is the reason you need to take it seriously. Finally, all the guidelines we have outlined in this post will help improve your chances of getting the Instagram blue check

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