The Ultimate Guide To Online Reputation Management

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March 15, 2021

Reputation management is an integral part of our existence and individuals and corporate organizations. Can you remember the last time you were in a new city and wanted to book a hotel for the night? You probably checked online for reviews on the different hotels in the city. There is no doubt that you went to the hotel with the best review by your standard. This tells you the importance of managing your brand’s reputation online

Without online reputation management for brands, it will be difficult for them to attract a good number of customers. The internet is the major place where most people go to find products and services they need. These customers rely on reviews from other people to help them decide whether or not to buy your product or services. The presence of your business online matters a lot and how to monitor your online reputation is more important. 


Without a good online reputation management, your business will certainly not do well. To ensure good reputation management online, you will need to be trustworthy, acknowledge and learn from mistakes, be transparent, etc.


What is Reputation Management?

We cannot talk about how to monitor your online reputation without understanding what reputation management is. In simple terms, reputation management means managing your reputation. It is how you manage people’s perception of your brand or company. We can look at it as a two-pronged concept such as:

  • You can monitor and influence the online reputation of your company or brand.
  • Also, you can address any negative mentions or reviews about your business or brand.

Most experts agree that businesses or brands manage their online reputation in three different phases which include the following:

Building phase

This is carried out by businesses or brands that are new in the market and want to develop a reliable and reputable name for themselves. 

Maintenance phase

At this stage, a company has already created a positive and reliable reputation in the market space. Their customers already trust their products or services; hence the company wants to maintain that reputation. 

Recovery phase

This is the phase of reputation management where the company or business has taken a hit through negative or bad reviews. It is largely made up of good marketing and self-promotion strategies to help your business recover its reputation. 

How To Establish An Online Reputation For Your Business Or Brand

As a new business owner seeking to start managing your brand’s reputation online, the best place to start is online. The reason is that the internet is where the majority of people post their reviews about businesses. Here are the different ways for you to establish your reputation online:

Create a blog

You need to have a blog that regularly publishes articles that cover your business operations, products, and services. It helps to update your customers about your business and it helps in your business PR.

Try to be listed in directories 

Like telephone directories, online directories make it possible for users to search for company directories and what they offer. Doing so will help drive traffic for your business brand and you can initiate your reputation management from there. 

Encourage your customers to leave reviews

In business, reviews are very important and must be encouraged at all times. According to a survey by Etaling Group, at least 92% of users read internet reviews.

Gain publicity 

You cannot establish a good business reputation by doing nothing. If you want to be known for something, then you better be doing something worthwhile. You can write articles for other blogs, do web advertising, and promote your business to the best of your ability. 

The Basics Of Reputation Management In Business 

Managing your brand’s reputation online involves certain things that you need to ensure are in place. We can call these things the essentials of reputation management in business, and they include the following:

1. Be trustworthy and well respected

Many business experts believe that trust is a perishable asset and very hard to gain. Your ability to make people trust you and respect your work is more important than any other factor. People must trust you and your business before they can make a purchase. 

2. Ensure you are always transparent

Ensure that your business operations are open for people to observe. You can remember when Mc Donald’s publicly mandated egg seller to raise their hens under good conditions. Such actions will generate positive reactions from most people and they will certainly positively impact your business. 

3. Monitor what people are saying about you

Always be on the lookout for what people are saying about your business, especially on social media. Today, you get a lot of people asking questions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. It is your duty to always identify the ones relating to your business and respond accordingly. Always respond quickly and politely, especially when it has to do with criticism. 

4. Know when to attack illegitimate attackers

In business, you must fight illegal behaviors that are out to undermine your reputation. Remember the case of Domino’s Pizza employees in 2009, who posted disgusting videos of themselves playing with food. They were fired and arrested. When people post false information about your business, if you fail to take decisive action others may think it is true. 

5. Always acknowledge and learn from your mistakes

No one is beyond making a mistake. The most important thing is for you to acknowledge your mistake and learn from it. In business, the cost of owning up to your mistakes and making amends is always lower than doing a cover-up. You will gain more customers who will always trust you and your business. 

6. Know when to see professional help

In business reputation management, there comes a time when it might be beyond your capacity to handle. At this point, always seek professional help to help give your online reputation management a good boost.


When you abide by the tips and information we have provided in this post, your business will enjoy the benefits of reputation management. There are a lot of myths of reputation management, but only concern yourself with what we have provided you here. You can share your thought using the comment section provided below. 

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